Osteo Science Foundation intends to promote applied research so that new developments and treatment concepts can be made available at clinical level more quickly and backed by adequate evidence-based results. For this reason, Osteo Science Foundation gives financial support to scientific projects in the field of hard and soft tissue regeneration in oral, cranial, and maxillofacial surgery.

All proposals must include an oral surgeon affiliated with the project.


Research projects must be aligned with the mission and vision of the Osteo Science Foundation.  Examples of acceptable selection criteria are:

  • Testing of biological materials
  • Clinically relevant issues in the field of tissue regeneration and engineering
  • Expanding the knowledge base on questions underlying indications in oral, cranial, and maxillofacial areas e.g.:
    • Benefit for universities: new aspects in research and education, respective recommendations for practice
    • Benefit for industry: relevance for products either established or in development

The Osteo Science Foundation