The Founder

Osteo Science Foundation was founded by Dr. Peter Geistlich and Geistlich Pharma. 

Dr. Peter GeistlichGeistlich Pharma is the global leader in regenerative medicine for dental and oral-maxillofacial surgery with biomaterials targeted for bone and soft tissue regeneration.

Based in Switzerland, Geistlich Pharma is a subsidiary of Ed. Geistlich Sons Chemical Industries, a family-owned company founded in 1851 with over 160 years of science based, high quality innovation. Through targeted efforts in research, development and applied science, Geistlich continually strives to identify new and innovative products and system solutions.

Dr. Peter Geistlich was the Chairman of the Board of Geistlich Pharma, and a pioneer of biomaterials research beginning in the 1980’s. In 2007 he proposed to Dr. Philip Boyne, then Professor at Loma Linda University Research Center for Maxillofacial Regeneration in California, to create a US Foundation to provide research funding and education to accelerate innovation and yield novel biomaterials in oral, cranial and maxillofacial surgery.

Osteo Science Foundation was established to provide a platform for funded and entirely independent basic and clinical research focused on new therapeutic approaches and clinical treatment methods with regenerative medicine in dentistry.   The Foundation will also focus on education to support and encourage the sharing of this new knowledge in regenerative medicine.

This Foundation was established to honor Dr. Boyne’s surgical excellence and outstanding research and to make his vision of bone and tissue regeneration a reality.  Dr. Geistlich formally launched Osteo Science Foundation in 2013. 


Why did Geistlich establish Osteo Science Foundation?

The Foundation was established to provide a platform for scientific studies and the exchange of ideas in regenerative medicine, to support the next generation of clinicians and bring together clinical research with industry in oral, cranial and maxillofacial surgery.

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In Memoriam

memoriamIt is with deep sadness that we mourn the passing of our founder: a unique person, pioneering entrepreneur and visionary whose dedication to regenerative medicine led to the creation of Osteo Science Foundation.

For over 60 years, Dr. Peter Geistlich creatively and tirelessly broke new ground at Geistlich, a family-based company that was founded in 1851 in Switzerland.



The Osteo Science Foundation